Elain Younn - Bambujaya Bilingual School

Manifestation & Purpose

On my next trip back to Cambodia I discussed “the conversation” with my cousin aka my chief operations officer and she said that she agreed with the concept of doing another school for Khmer children where they can learn and be proud of their heritage. It somehow felt the natural thing to do and once we followed that vision we found that everything had always been there waiting to happen. It turned out that the residential compound consisting of three villas and a huge outdoor garden space where I had been living for the last couple of years was the perfect place for the school. So my family and I moved out of the villas and we converted it to “Bambujaya Bilingual School” offering both the Khmer and English curriculum.
When the school was almost ready we met, by chance, Noreen Crowley – she had been in Cambodia the last two years and had decided to leave. I met her the evening before her flight out the next day. Upon meeting her I just felt she was sent to us for Bambujaya. I took her to see the campus in semi-darkness. There she connected with the beautiful space and my vision. I offered her the job of school principal on the spot and asked her to consider staying. You can imagine the shock she was in, after only an hour meeting with me, a complete stranger to her. She advised me that she had to go back to the States to see her family, but she would consider my life changing offer. After further discussion Noreen decided to return to Cambodia and lead Bambujaya. At the time, I didn’t know that her more than 20 years of Waldorf teaching experience would later make Bambujaya the first inspired Waldorf school in Cambodia. It is a true blessing for the children of Cambodia to have this wonderful learning experience.

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