Elain Younn - Bravehearts

Manifestation & Purpose

In January 2014, I withdrew the first lot of salaries and drove to the centre with my cousin to pay the mamas their salary. The mamas’ treated us as the new caretakers, we were basically the new boss, with over 60 mamas and other staff, over 130 special needs children with daily expenses for food, medical needs, etc. What had we gotten ourselves into?! How did we end up here?! We were in shock, thinking we were not qualified, not knowing what to do next.
On the drive back home we asked the universe to show us a sign that we were meant to do this, if we were to continue we would need more money.
The sign came two weeks later, a couple who had an autistic child chose to visit our centre and wanted to donate some money, on one condition that the centre was for special needs children (we were the only special needs children’s centre in Phnom Penh). During their time at the centre, they held some of the children and feed them and loved the time they spent there. When we got back to the hotel they told me that their aunt had recently passed away and she left them a small amount of money, and that they would like to donate all of it to the centre – it was 10,000 Pounds! I was so amazed, so grateful and relieved. I took it as a sign that we were meant to do this, and not to worry about money. We will be provided for and we have been since 2014 with a lot of help from different volunteers and supporters. We grew to love the children, the mamas and everyone who has helped and are helping. We cannot imagine not ever doing it.

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