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Manifestation & Purpose

From the desire of providing a place that can offer some tender loving care. I decided to create Enso Healing Space. I didn’t know exactly how that would look – only that I wanted it to be a sanctuary for everyone who needed a place to be cared for and nourished in order to continue to be of service to Cambodia. At about this time Maggi, one of my good friends, who is a wonderful and passionate yoga teacher in Sydney contacted me. She said that she was in Sri Lanka at a four weeks yoga retreat and would be finishing soon and that she would like to visit Cambodia to see me. I was delighted that she would be coming as I loved going to her classes when I was living in Sydney.
Maggi came, loved Cambodia and wanted to move to Cambodia and has been living here since 2015. It was divine timing, together we created Enso Healing Space, a beautiful nurturing sanctuary offering a range of classes and therapies: yoga, reiki, sound healing sessions, meditation workshops, shiatsu massages, aromatherapy sessions.
It always brings us joy to see the many people who visit our centre for some reprise from their busy and hectic life in chaotic Cambodia.

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