Elain Younn - iCAN British International School

Manifestation & Purpose

At the time my children were 5, 3 and 1 year old. I thought what I need now is a kindergarten. I started looking for a premise and finally found a big building with five floors. With so much space I was able to create the environment I wanted to provide for my children. On the ground floor, there was a café and a massive playground area for the children. To complete it, I even built a swimming pool. As I was focussed on completing the building I didn’t have much time to think about the educational curriculum. Luckily a couple of months before it was due to finish I was invited to have lunch with one of my tenant and his new girlfriend. It turned out that she was a teacher at one of the most prestigious private schools in London. They both didn’t know I was in the process of opening a kindergarten, so after lunch I took her to see the school. She liked the space and told me that there was a lot of work to do, to set up the curriculum for the kindergarten and then she surprised me by saying yes, she would be happy to be the school principal. She was in love and wanted to be in Cambodia with her boyfriend. We opened the school in March 2003 with 16 children, and just one year later we had over 100 students. We continued to grow and kept adding a grade as my eldest daughter moved up a grade. I bought some land nearby and built a school. We are now happily settled in our new beautiful campus as one of the top schools in Phnom Penh.

(As for our first school Principal she is happily married with 4 children)

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