Elain Younn - Ikigai Arts Center

Manifestation & Purpose

It is in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that highlighted more than ever how important socialising is. Meeting up with friends, learning a new hobby or doing something creative together. However, in Cambodia, the art scene was non-existent. There is not a single government art gallery in town. Arts after the war have been truly neglected. There is a complete void of creative arts to nourish your soul. In recognising this void, we realised there was an opportunity for us to create something to fill it.
Our vision is to create an art space that would allow the community to grow, share, laugh, experience and wonder together! We would offer workshops, talks, conferences and classes. We didn’t want it to just be a normal art gallery with pictures hanging just for viewing. We wanted audience participation and the artist community to be engaged. We were determined to create a place that would bring joy to all involved.
Ikigai Arts Center came to life.

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