Souladvisor Foundation

Called to bring credibility to the traditional and complementary medicine (T&CM) sector

I recall in 2019 after meeting and talking to various therapists offering a wide range of modalities, one of the biggest issues facing the T&CM sector – how to provide the scientific research needed to support the credibility of our industry. We understood too well that in order to make every session as effective as possible both the mind and the heart of the person receiving the treatment must be in alignment. If the heart says I feel good, I feel better, but the mind says I don’t believe it, there is no evidence, then the healing is incomplete. We know from scientific research with the placebo effect that the mind is very powerful. To heal you must first believe and in order to believe, your mind, unlike your heart, needs logic backed up by scientific research. It was absolutely necessary to provide that scientific research to the consumers but most importantly to give credibility to the work of all the practitioners in the world so that they can stand tall and proud of what they do.

Elain Younn - SoulAdvisor