Elain Younn - SoulAdvisor

Manifestation & Purpose

Arriving back in Cambodia I had an apartment block to finish which took another 18 months however I did buy the domain name SoulAdvisor as guided. Once the apartment block was completed, I was free and that’s when I was sent the first person to help me with SoulAdvisor. He was able to show me, spreading across over 50 pages of layout, what SoulAdvisor would look like. It was the first time that what was in the “ether”, manifested on paper. I began to understand the process that would be needed to do the platform. For the next 3-4 years I tried with several IT companies to build the platform and each time it was done, I was not happy with it. On reflection, this had more to do with my own uncertainty of what the platform should look and feel like, and also my self-confidence to do the project. Most of the time I felt I was in the dark. It felt like building a spaceship to me, I just didn’t believe I could do it. It took me some years, a few heartbreaks, a supportive team and a lot of mistakes to finally own it fully and start my own IT company. Yet, SoulAdvisor is more than a technology solution, we also needed to find the practitioners who connected with the vision, and to create a message that resonated with our consumers. More people joined the team. We have now a committed, qualified team working in Cambodia solely on IT and an amazing team in Australia who have worked tirelessly to bring the purpose to life through their brand, marketing and business expertise. Their commitment and love for SoulAdvisor created a beta version that was filled with purpose-driven, highly qualified practitioners, consumer campaigns that demonstrated a high degree of trust and connection and we continue to build our platform based on user and market feedback.
Relationships are being built, with our industry associations and brand partners supporting our vision, our goal to support practitioners all over the world to do their amazing healing work with ease is evolving, and we are letting them know they are not alone.

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