Called to support all the complementary health practitioners in the world to do their work with ease and support global healing.

I recall in March 2013 while I was living in Cambodia, I received a flyer from a dear friend Susie Nelson Smith in Sydney, who is a crystal bowl sound therapist and teacher. The flyer read “Crystal sound therapy – Bali Retreat – 18-30th September.” Upon reading it I felt excited to join. I loved the crystal bowl sessions I had in the past, and the idea of a visit to Ubud in Bali. I wrote back immediately accepting the invitation to 12 days of relaxation and bliss. I was the first person to join. It was only upon meeting Susie a couple of months later when I went back to Sydney that I found out the retreat was not what I had expected.
When I arrived in Sydney, Susie asked me to meet her at her crystal bowl temple. When I got there, I was surrounded by nearly 100 bowls, all so beautiful and sounding divine. She asked me to choose seven bowls, one for each chakra. I was a bit surprised and I asked why I needed to choose 7 bowls? She replied that it was for the retreat, it was to be my set of bowls. Sensing my confusion, she said “Oh, darling you do know the retreat is a practitioner’s course, don’t you? It’s a one year course and the 12 days is the initiation period into the course”. I was so shocked to find out that I was to become a crystal sound therapist. I thought “No, that’s absolutely not me, I’m a business woman not a practitioner and besides I am nearly tone deaf and know nothing about sound or sound healing. How silly of me not to have read the flyer properly. How do I get out of this?” It turns out I couldn’t! The course was reserved for a maximum of 10 people only and if I didn’t go my friend would lose money and it would have been too late to find anyone to replace me. I surrendered, still in disbelief about what had taken place, and chose 7 bowls.
I arrived for the course and on the first day we had to introduce ourselves. Everyone was saying how excited they were to be doing this course, how they have saved up for years and finally their dream of being a practitioner was able to come true. When it came to my turn I was a bit embarrassed to say I read the flyer incorrectly and I wasn’t really sure why I was there.
Nonetheless, the retreat was beautiful, yet intense. I bonded with the other students and learnt things that had impacted me ever since.
Nearing the end of the course on the 11th day I while lying on my bed when I heard a voice, it said “we need you to do something for us”. I answered “what do you need me to do”. The voice said “do you know Tripadvisor?” “Yes, I do, everyone knows Tripadvisor”. “Well we want you to do something similar to Tripadvisor but it’s called Souladvisor. We’ve heard the cries from the practitioners for help. They are struggling to make ends meet doing their healing work. We want to make it easy for clients to find them. We want you to create a platform that would unite all the practitioners, from all over the world, in one place”.

Upon hearing this I said I was the wrong person to do it. I don’t know anything about IT, I don’t even have a facebook account. There is no way I can create a platform similar to Tripadvisor.
Yet a strong inner voice urged me to buy the domain name when I got back home and to trust that the people and the money would follow to make it happen.

Elain Younn - Souladvisor