The Wisdom of the Void

Once upon a time there were two brothers who didn’t get along, they were always fighting, and arguing and just couldn’t see eye to eye. One thought he was better than the other, that his way was right and the other was wrong. Each expected the other to change but since both of them thought their way is the right way, they kept fighting.  There was no peace in the house, but constant animosity until one day, the older brother had a car accident.  He was seriously injured and for a few days he lay unconscious in hospital.  When he gained consciousness, he had lost part of his memory. He remembered his mother, father and his younger brother but he did not remember his relationships with each of them. His mind was blank, it was like a void, just emptiness and endless space.

His younger brother found the changes alarming. He tried to provoke his brother by saying things like: I’m better than you, I can do this or that better than you, our mother loves me more than you, but instead of the usual response, the older brother just agreed with him.  Nothing he did or said would cause his brother to retaliate, his brother just nodded or said: Yeah, you’re right, and that was it. This situation was strange for the younger brother, he had no one to fight with anymore except the feelings inside himself.

As days turned into weeks and months and his older brother remained so agreeable, the anger, and competitiveness and hate he held inside slowly started to dissipate. There was nothing to feed his anger or hatred or competitiveness.  It was just one sided, and it felt like he was punching or shouting into space, into the void.  All that came back were the echoes of his own voice.  When he found himself fighting nothingness, his anger completely disappeared and instead he felt a certain peace that he had never felt before. He realised he had been too full of anger and hate, leaving no space for peace within him.


On the Wisdom of the Void

Visualise yourself on a mountain top. It is night with countless stars above you and the moon shining on you. One by one the stars disappear until there is only one left. This final star starts to float down until it is above your head. The star enters you through your crown chakra and brings light to your body as it travels down through you to an inch below your navel.  Where the star rests is the void in your body.  It is the void where all can be manifested.  The star shines there so you do not need to be afraid of the void. Since the beginning of time the stars come out of the void. And each one of us carries the void with us. This is your creative place. See all that can be manifested here. Take a few minutes breathing into this area, breathing into the star and see what comes up for you. What images, what do you need to manifest in your life? When you are ready, allow the star to dim down and slowly return to darkness

Know that you can breathe into this area any time and the star will light up again whenever you need to reconnect to your void. A place where all can be manifested.

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