The Wisdom of Flowers and Plants

Long ago there lived a great herbalist who was a magician with plants. In his hands, all herbs, plants and flowers became useful. Each day he would go out to the fields where there were rows and rows of flowers, plants and herbs. One day he started to hear voices from the plants. They keep saying: Oh no, not him, take me, what you need is me not that plant. He was startled to hear their voices but he paid attention: Can you really talk to me?  Can you really tell me the secrets of the plant world? 

The plants told him: As you know, our purpose is to serve mankind providing him with food, medicines, clothing, shelter as well as pleasure and joy. Our roles are countless. When you consume us we exist as part of you, we accomplish our life purpose. When you see a rose and you smile it is enough for us. We exist to provide you oxygen, no life can exist without us. If you would just show us a bit of respect and understanding, the world would be a better place. You mostly just take and not give. You take us for granted.  

The worst is when you waste us. There are so many ways you waste us. When there is leftover food, when you drown us in sauces and make us unhealthy for your body. We are healthy by nature, but sometimes what you do to us is so unhealthy that you cannot possibly eat us anymore.

When you keep us in your house and forget to water us. When you buy us and throw us away because we are past the expiry date. What is the difference between someone who is a green thumb and someone who is not? Someone who cares and someone who does not.  If you care enough, we will grow for you. We don’t need much, only a little sun and water – yet sometimes we are left thirsty. How is it that you treat something that your life depends on with such disrespect?

The herbalist was really sad when he heard because he did respect them but he also knew many people didn’t.

What can I do to help you? asked the herbalist.


How to connect to the plant world

Visualise yourself as a huge tree, with a big trunk and deep roots. A tree that has lived for 300 years. An ancient tree. Visualise your leaves turning orange, falling down, it is autumn. Now your branches are bare. It is winter with snow falling down. Now see green leaves sprouting all over you it is spring, then you are in full bloom, it is summer. You have spent countless seasons seeing people coming and going, living and dying, you have provided shade and respite for centuries and will continue to do so. Mankind comes and goes but you remain. You witness all. You are eternal.

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