The Wisdom of God

God in his infinite wisdom created man in his image. But why then does man frequently fail so miserably?  Is it not the maker who created such imperfections and failures?

Once upon a time a man asked, ‘God, why am I so miserable?’
I don’t know my child, why you are so miserable when you have everything?
‘How can you say I have everything when I have no arms and legs.’
No arms and legs?  That can’t be. I see your arms and legs. Is it possible that you cannot see them? Let me open your heart’s mind and eyes and you will see them. The heart has a mind and eyes.

And so, they were opened and the man could see.

Once there was a woman who asked God, ‘Why am I so unloved?’
How is it that you are unloved when all living things love you: the earth that you walk on, the air you breath, the trees, flowers and the animals. They all support and sustain your life. Is it possible you cannot see them?  Let me open your heart’s mind and eyes. The heart has a mind and it has eyes.

And so, they were opened and the woman could see.

Once there was a boy who asked God, ‘Why was I born?’
Oh, to experience infinite joy and love and grace! You are blessed and protected from the moment of your conception. You are my soul reincarnated. Is it possible that you cannot see? What blinds you? Let me open your heart’s mind eyes. The heart has a mind and it has eyes.  How is it that the heart is closed? The heart’s mind is closed and the hearts’ eyes are closed so you cannot see.

And so, they were opened and the boy could see.

Once there was an old man who asked God, ‘Has my life been for naught? Will I just return to dust and be forgotten?’
How can you say your life is for naught when you have laughed and cried so many times? When you have experienced the joy of taste, the sight of your new-born baby, listened to symphonies and songbirds, watched  thousands of sunrises and sunsets, touched another’s naked heart and body, you have held someone’s hand and comforted them, you have smiled at strangers, you have cooked a meal with love, you have smelled flowers, you have walked and cherished your body. Is it possible you cannot see?  Let me open your heart’s mind eyes. The heart has a mind and it has eyes.

And so, they were opened and the old man could see.


Opening the Heart’s Mind and Eyes

In a quiet place sit or lie down and bring your awareness and breath to your heart.  As you breathe into your heart, you can start to see the many eyes that are closed in your heart.
Breathing in slowly, ask that the eyes be active and open. And visualise your heart’s eyes slowly opening. As they open, see brilliant lights shining from the eyes and radiating in all directions from the heart. Just breathe slowly for a few breaths into the heart and allow your heart’s eyes to open.  

Now we need to activate the heart’s mind. Allow the lights from each eye of the heart to connect, forming a sacred geometry around the heart. This sacred shape made by light is your heart’s mind and is now activated. Your heart is now truly open. Just breathe into your heart and see the shape and light it generates. Hear the wisdom of your heart. May it guide you in all you do. Blessings to you who are now connected to your divine heart.

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