The Wisdoms of Crystals

All the planets in the galaxy have their foundations in rocks and crystals. Through many layers to its core, the earth contains rocks and crystals. From the bottom of the seas to the highest mountains, crystals are everywhere. They emit energy all around the earth, and contain immense power. Each crystal, like water, contains memories. Everything is stored in rocks and crystal through the ages.  All kinds of information are absorbed into them.

You enter a dark cave. It is pitch black, yet somehow you are not afraid. You take tiny steps that move you deeper and deeper into the cave. You notice that you are descending with each step, deeper into the earth. But as you go deeper, it is easier to breath, as if your lungs have doubled in size, and you feel energised, as if there is something in the air. You feel compelled to keep walking, descending, and after a while you reach flat ground.  It is still dark but you notice a faint pink glow in the distance and you are drawn to it.  As you slowly walk towards it, the light expands and you can see that it is radiating from a gigantic pink crystal, over 10 metres high. As you draw closer to the crystal you see movement in the crystal’s centre, like tiny angelic fairies fluttering inside it. The energy from the crystal makes you calm and your breathing is easy and deep. You feel enveloped by love in the pink light, you feel comforted and at ease. You focus intently on the movement in the centre of the crystal. The tiny beings say: We are keepers of the crystal, and we are inscribing its life purpose. Each crystal has an energy and power to raise the consciousness of the planet and humankind.  They work in harmony and connect to all other crystals in the planet, building a powerful energetic grid. In this pink crystal it is inscribed: You shall experience unconditional love when you see me or touch me. We inscribe the message a million times over since it is such an immense crystal, and when it is broken into smaller pieces the crystal’s sole purpose remains in each fragment.

Next to the pink crystal is a beautiful purple crystal inscribed: When you touch or see me you are protected against negative energies.  And on a green crystal is inscribed: When you see or touch me you shall have safe passage.  On a white diamond one is inscribed: When you see me or touch me you shall have clarity of mind. And this one which is golden: When you see me or touch me you shall be in joyful abundance.  And there is a black one: When you see or touch me you shall be stress free.  

As your eyes adjust to the light in the cave you can now see clearly you are surrounded by crystals. The cave is full of what seems like a million crystal gems of all sizes and shapes and colours all having their purpose inscribed in them.


How to activate your crystal’s purpose

Take your crystal in your hand, breathing deeply and feeling the energy of the crystal entering your hand. Now close your eyes and ask your mind’s eyes to see the life purpose of the crystal that is inscribed in the centre. Repeating: I ask to see the soul purpose of this crystal. See yourself looking in the centre of the crystal and see the words floating inscribed inside the crystal until they are clear.

Once you see the words say: I now activate this crystal and allow it to spread its message, life purpose to me and to the world, I ask this crystal to join with the energies of all the other crystals in the world and be activated now. So be it.

Once you have done this slowly open your eyes, your crystal is now activated.

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