The Wisdom of Archangel Gabriel

Long ago there lived a man on a houseboat that floated on a river, this suited the man quite well as his personality was fluid like the water.  In the course of a day he didn’t know which version of him would show up. He could be a saint, a devil, a criminal, a martyr, messy, tidy, righteous or shameless. He could be honest or a liar, a thief or a law enforcer, helpful or helpless, trouble maker or peace maker, Mr know-it-all or a fool, guilty or innocent.

There were so many versions of him that he has lost track and so he just worked with whichever version showed up. The fallen or the saved. The hero or the victim, the tormentor or the tormented, swinging from one extreme to the other.  At first when these fluctuations began he was afraid, until a voice said: You are all that is. Since the beginning of time you are all that is.  you are all that at one point or another.  And everyone else is like that but others are just too afraid or not conscious enough to accept it.  If they knew that they are all that is; both evil and good, light and dark, hate and love, all will be well.

After hearing the voice, he shed tears of relief and a huge burden was lifted from his body, mind and soul. He was able to accept all that that existed in him, he was free to welcome whichever part of him chose to show up.

With that acceptance, he no longer struggled to push away or hide his bad characteristics but accepted all facets of himself, and was able to just be. Bad or good were the same because the next minute he could change again. Everything was ok as long as he truly accepted every aspect of himself and gave himself permission to be all that he was.  At last he was whole.


Visualise yourself as a cloud filled with water. As the cloud gets more and more heavy with water it starts to rain, and you become the rain falling down into the ocean.  The moment you touch the ocean you become a part of the vast ocean. You are one with the sea, holding all of life that is living in the ocean, the cosmos, and all the living creatures in the ocean are supported by you the water, you do not determine which animals live in the ocean, all are welcome. All the rivers are flowing to the sea, you receive all the rivers and don’t determine which river can join the sea, you are the lowest point and in being the lowest, you are the greatest, in your humility all flows to you, all live in you.  You are the vast ocean that holds all, that receives all.  

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