The Wisdom of Archangel Metatron

Once upon a time in a far-away land there lived a woman who was with child. She was neither poor nor rich. As she approached the last trimester of her pregnancy she started to worry incessantly about her child. Will the child have a good nature? She herself was a good natured woman. Will her child be a blessing to the family and to the world? Will the child be healthy? Will the child grow up strong and handsome? Will the child love her as much as she knows she will love the child? Will the child’s life be filled with joy? 

She continued to worry until the moment of birth. As she held her child in her arms and looked upon his beautiful face, in that moment a new knowledge filled her: Let it be known that no child comes into the world without purpose. That each soul has volunteered before conception. Whatever will be will be. A child belongs to the community, to the world, a child is not the possession of the parents. Its life purpose is given, nothing is an accident.  Each path is blessed and it will unfold to divine will. You, as the assigned parents, siblings and relatives have only one role to play – to support the child in his or her life’s purpose. It is so decreed.  


You see a small path leading into a forest. You start to walk on the path, seeing trees, hearing birds singing, feeling the sun shining down on you, smelling the flowers and ferns. As you keep walking you see something in a distant clearing. As you approach, you see it is a huge egg, the size of a room, pearl white, and as you approach, you see there is a door in it. You open the door and enter the room. The room is lined with yellow silk, and at the centre of the egg there is a bed that you lie down on. As you look up at the ceiling you see a star, a moon and sun shining on the ceiling. The star starts to fall, and enters your belly, the same thing happens to the moon and sun, the moon falling down and entering your belly followed by the sun. You continue looking up at the ceiling and notice there is a vast sea, and the galaxy including the earth. They all magically fall from the ceiling and start entering your belly.  You then close your eyes and can see and feel that the whole universe is in your belly.  You have the whole universe in you. Nothing can harm you. Everything belongs to you. You rest for a while breathing deeply into your belly feeling the power that is inside you. Once you are rested, you get up and get ready to go back knowing that you have this egg room whenever you need to visit again. You open the door, step outside and follow the path to walk out of the forest.  

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