The Wisdom of Archangel Michael

Once upon a time in a faraway land there lived a beautiful princess in a castle surrounded by a majestic forest.  She was beautiful and had everything but she couldn’t sleep.  It felt like there were dark entities around her body pulling at her this way and that.  She tried everything the doctors at the palace suggested and yet could not find a cure for her insomnia.  There would be days when she could sleep for a few hours but it was a restless sleep, never fully at ease. It could be the politics of the palace, which were quite stressful. She found no comfort. She asked how is it that I have everything but peace.  And what is everything worth if without peace.   Why am I so troubled? Why am I so stressed? Why can’t I rest?

One night, the Archangel Michael came to her in a dream and said, Oh my child, life in its infinite wisdom wishes you to rest, wishes you to have peace. What is this grasping in your heart? Why must you be the most beautiful? Why must you be better than others? Why must you be the richest? Why must you think only of yourself and not others?

You shall have rest when you care for others as much as you care for yourself. You are here only to serve. What is the point of beauty and riches if they are only for self-gratification. Allow me to release you from the ties that bind you.

And so, Archangel Michael released the princess and she was able to sleep again and was at peace.


Releasing from self and ego with Archangel Michael

Repeat after me: I ask that the cords that bind me to self and ego to be released with the help of Archangel Michael.

I find myself in a meadow and Archangel Michael stands before me with his blue sword of light and his blue cloak radiating light all around him.

He looks into my eyes and says: I shall now grant you your wish. He walks around me clearing my auric fields 3 times.  He then places his sword of light on my right shoulder, then on the left shoulder, on top of my heart, my head and finally to the front and back of me. Each time he places the sword he says: I hereby release you from all that binds you to self and ego from the past, present and future. You are free.

And as he says that I see the ties of all shapes and sizes drop from my body and fall to the ground. And then Archangel Michael puts a blue cape around me saying: You have my protection and love wherever you go.

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