The Wisdom of Archangel Raphael

Long ago there lived a woman who had lost her connection to her heart, or her heart had lost its way to her. She could not hear anything from her heart. It was so silent it scared her. All she heard was the automatic beating that kept her alive.

Why do I feel so empty, why do I feel so lost? When did I stop hearing the whisperings of my heart and only heard the fears of my mind? It was lonely, day in day out not having a heart to talk to, or listen to or to argue with.  She felt all alone.

One day her heart in a low whisper said the word I very softly, she tried to listen hard and to hear if any other words came after but there was nothing. All it whispered softly was I. A week later it whispered even more softly: I am hurtI am hurt from all the times you ignored me, the countless times you didn’t value me, you have always valued the mind more than me.  The mind always wins and slowly I stopped talking because whatever I said didn’t matter, your mind was more valued, more important. I was neglected and from neglect I had no reason to live, to speak.

In her loneliness and despair she was able to hear again the soft whisperings of her heart. She started crying: ‘In my darkest hours I can hear you again. I am so sorry for not listening to you, for not valuing you. I know now that mind can give me nothing but fears and obstacles.  Endless anxieties and worries about things that I need to overcome but it’s an endless loop that I cannot escape. The more I tried to satisfy my mind, the more it gave me to do. The more I tried to do, the more lonely I became. It was an endless cycle where my mind was my master and I was its slave. It wanted to be the most important thing to me, craving my attention every second like a lover needing confirmation of love all the time.

I know now I can never please my mind no matter what I do. If my mind ever became satisfied, its reason for existence would end. My mind is like a lover that can never believe I love him no matter how many times I say it. I can never beat my mind.  All I can do is accept that my mind will always try to be my master and will not allow me to listen to my heart. It is an eternal struggle and I need to recognise the nature of my mind and give it enough attention but not let it be my master.  How to live in harmony so that every part of my body has a voice.  How to make myself whole without living under the dictatorship of my mind.


Close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. With your next inhalation, visualise yourself as a big flowering tree. The bigger the better. It is lush with flowers and has deep roots into the earth absorbing all the nourishment needed to feed the trunk, branches, the leaves and flowers. Feel how strong the roots are, how they nourish the tree above the ground. Now notice a jewel at the centre of the roots.  This jewel represents the heart of the tree. Feel the jewel’s vibration beating like a heart.  

Now see the sunlight touching the tree, its flowers, and leaves swaying in the sunlight, the trunk of the tree supporting the branches. In the centre of the tree trunk you see another jewel. This jewel represents the mind of the tree; its intelligence.  Now see the jewel in the root sending its energy to the jewel in the tree trunk and vice versa.  They are in synchronised with each other.  Working for the same purpose. To grow, to provide beauty, oxygen, to be of service to the world.  The tree cannot live without sunlight which is transferred from the jewel in the trunk to the jewel in the root and it cannot live without the water and nourishment from the roots transmitted from the jewel in the root to the jewel in the trunk.  

Now feel yourself become the tree. Your heart and mind are connecting to each other like the jewels in the tree. Supporting each other. In harmony with each other. One is as important as the other. Take a few moments breathing in deeply and sending the energy and love from the heart to the mind and from the mind to the heart. Your heart and mind now are living in complete harmony. Once you feel this, slowly open your eyes.  

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