The Wisdom of Archangel Uriel

As a man lay on his deathbed, he tried to remember all the things he had accomplished in his life. He was filled with regrets. He remembered all the times he was rude, all the times he wasn’t kind, all the times he was mean, all the times he lied to himself and others, all the time wasted in the office, all the times he took life for granted, all the things he said that hurt someone, all the times he was angry. He thought of all the times he didn’t keep his promises, the times he hated the world, the weather, the food, the animals, the mosquitoes, the ants.  For him it was always too hot or too cold, he thought life was unfair, of all the times he felt forced to do something just to have food on the table.

Half a century of doing all the things that didn’t make me happy. Doing all the things I despise myself for now. Doing all the things that didn’t matter at all. Now I lay here dying, the doctors say I have a week at most. I lay here and regret my life has been such a waste. What was it all for? No one cares what I did in the end.  In my last days I now realise that everyone dies alone. Only I am dying, no one can go with me. My death is my very own. If I had known that, then I should’ve known that my life is my very own. My very own to do with it whatever I want, not for someone else.  Is it too late now to know this?


Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. With your next inhalation, visualise yourself on a mountain top. You are high above the world. Looking down, you can see all the trees, towns, and the ocean in the distance. Looking down at your feet you start to realise the mountain is crumbling, falling down but you stay suspended. You are floating, standing firmly on air, at that moment you feel someone holding your hand. You look up and see a being of light, Archangel Uriel, standing before you holding your hands and supporting you while the whole mountain dissolves into nothingness. Everything else disappears and you are in complete darkness.

Now you are suspended in mid-air but you are not afraid. The being in front of you places his left hand onto your forehead on your third eye and the light from his palm passes into your head and neck and travels down the rest of your body: your shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, torso, legs and feet. The light keeps circulating all around your body. You are now a brilliant light shining brightly in the darkness and suspended in the void. He says on to you: You are now reset to the time when you were just light in the darkness at the beginning of time when there are no regrets. Live your life from this moment without any regrets. Let go of past pains. Let go of future plans. Just live each moment asking yourself will I regret doing this? If the answer is yes, don’t do it. You are now reset to a time when regret does not exist in your being. Be free and live without regrets.

You feel the light in your body shifts something in you and you feel light and free. Give thanks to the being of light and slowly open your eyes.

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