Elain Younn
I remembered how one day in 1997 going to the coast and learning how to sail for the first time. What fascinated me most was how you could move at high speeds by mobilizing the power of the wind and that the further you were from the wind, the less and less power there was. Whilst sailing it was clear to me that’s how I had been trying to live my life, trying to be in the flow path of the wind, of life, so that it would be easy sailing.

For that to happen I realised it’s best not to have a destination, a goal, a plan or to fill your cup to the brim. How can I go with the flow if I already have a set destination, a goal? How can life give me something when I am too exhausted from doing what I think I should be doing? I found that by keeping my cup half empty it allowed for other divine plans to happen.

I hope reading about how all the projects has manifested in my life, will allow you to keep your cup half empty too. We are all needed for a certain calling but only if we provide the space to allow it to happen.