Elain Younn - Cambodia Sings!

Manifesting & Purpose

I wanted to give every child in Cambodia a chance and a safe place to find their voice too. After the war, singing was the least valued of all the arts. It was not taught in any schools and very few parents sang lullabies to their children. I decided to ask my dear friend Trish Watts, in Sydney, if she would move to Cambodia and help me set up a non-government organisation (NGO) called Cambodia Sings! She agreed as she was also moved by the vision and a strong desire to repair the song lines that had been suppressed during the Khmer Rouge war. We birthed Cambodia Sings! in February 2015. Now partnering with existing NGO schools, we are proud to share that over 1000 children sing every week within our program.
Naturally we would love to keep increasing the numbers of children singing, so if you love singing and want to spread the joy of singing with us, please get in touch with me.

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