Cambodia Sings!

How is it possible that there is no safe centre for our children to sing after the war in Cambodia. I decided to re-ignite the joy of singing!

I recall how one day in 2011 I stepped into a tea shop in Balmain, Sydney to buy some tea and the owner of the tea shop asked me if I would be interested in joining their women’s choir that very evening. I have never sung before in my life and was surprised to find myself wanting to give it a try. By the end of the first evening I was teary, singing alongside my new found “sisters” and hearing my shy voice for the first time, a part of the whole. I was so moved by the whole experience that I continued singing with the choir for the next two years. I then returned to Cambodia and felt that a part of me was incomplete without singing. I then created the Women’s Threshold Choir in Phnom Penh. Singing gave me so much, especially the knowledge that I have a voice, no matter how small, or shy, or scared that voice may be. With a safe and supportive group, all singing together my voice felt beautiful too.

Elain Younn - Cambodia Sings!